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At ARS we specialize in just about every aspect of practice management. Our goal is to provide answers to your practice needs so that you can stay focused on providing great care to your patients.

See if any of the questions below address any concerns your practice may currently being experiencing or in the future. 


 Billing System

  • Does your current billing system provide any of the following: all-in-one, practice management billing system that includes a Real-Time Medical Eligibility Verification, Patient Scheduling and an Integrated State-of-the-art Clearinghouse?
  • Claim rejection rate of 2% or less?
  •  Return claims within 7 to 14 days?
  •  A Extensive Reporting module that gives you control and access to hundreds of real-time reports?
  •  100% HIPAA compliant?
  •  Ready for the new ICD-10 codes coming Oct, 1 2015?
  •  Built in Patient scheduling module that can be accessed from any Web device 24/7?



 EHR System

  • Does your current EHR (Electronic Health Records) System provide any of the following?
  • If not do you have a plan to acquire an EHR system since penalties begin in 2015 if a practice is not using EHR?
  • Integrated with your medical billing system?
  • Are you currently taking advantage of the Medicaid EHR Incentive Program that allows up to $63,750.00 in incentives?
  • Demonstratemeaningful use to participate in the program?
  • Have EPrescriptions that allow you to check drug interactions, allergies, dosage levels and review medications other providers have prescribed all in Real-Time?
  • Easy Charting done on an iPad using traditional SOAP format and Customizable templates to meet your needs?
  • Voice recognition that’s built right into the iPad so the Doctor can dictate their Notes?
  • Built-in Labs Interface that’s connected to all the Major Labs?



 Patient Portal

  • Does your practice currently provide a online portal that allows patients to make payments on the balances due on their statements using credit/debit cards?
  • Allows your practice to Schedule patient payments and Automate recurring payment plans?

SOLUTION: ChoicePay 



  • Does your practice provide a system that maintains the highest level of compliance to protect against Audits, Identify Charting Errors, Stops under Billing and Improve Reimbursements?
  • Can identify areas of risk for your practice and even provide training for documentation techniques that could improve your workflow?

SOLUTION: AuditGuard 



  • COMPLIANCE IN 3 STEPS! One simple cost effective solution for HIPAA, HITECH, Omnibus, GLB, and PCI compliance.  Award winning three-step proprietary methodology  Dedicated Compliance Coach
  • ACHIEVE- Quickly and easily self-audit, Identify deficiencies(Gaps), and correct the Gaps(Remediate)  Built in Training, Policy & Procedure Templates  Meaningful Use, Security Risk Assessment
  • ILLUSTRATE- Show Auditors, Covered Entities (CE), and Business Associates (BA) your total compliance plan  Remediation Planning and tracking  Tracking and Attestation
  • MAINTAIN- Advanced task management of vendor, employee, Business Associates, training, and attestation  Incident Management  document & Version Controls




  • Does your practice provide certified coding specialist that personally review each and every claim to make sure you’re getting the maximum reimbursement for every patient encounter?
  • Certified coding specialist that improve reimbursement rates up to 30% and has a 24 hour turnaround?

 SOLUTION: CodeRite 


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