Frequently Asked Questions


1. Is there a yearly maintenance or upgrade fee? NEVER

2. Is there a monthly or yearly fee for software support? NEVER

3. What about the start up cost? Very minimal compared to other providers in which we offer a free iPad per physician upon sign-up. 

4. What is the actual cost to me as a Physician? Low monthly fee, no hidden costs, no software/servers to purchase or maintain with all electronic prescribing and clearing house fees included. 

5. Can the system be accessed anywhere anytime?  Our web-based system allows you to have access to the real-time status of your practice from any Internet-connected computer, 24/7. Dozens of reports can be accessed at anytime, and your patient data is stored in ultra-secure cloud-based servers backed up continuously.

6. Is there any downtime during the implementation? ZERO downtime, patients are easily entered into the system with just a few fields required to register patients. At the same time each patient is checked for insurance eligibility in real-time so we know IF and how each patient is covered. No need to have someone verify insurance eligibility. 

7. What type of support can we expect during implementation? We will be there with you side by side with our technology partner to insure a smooth implementation and also to answer any questions. 

8. What about support after implementation? Our technology partner provides support coast to coast, available 7 am EST to 5 pm PST. Any other concerns or issues ARS will be your direct contact and adviser in which we will be available 24/7.

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